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We would like to inform you that based on the latest policy from PANDI, start from August 1, 2017 top level .ID domain (Anything.ID) will no longer require any document and open for all registrant internationally.

  1. Start from  August 1, 2017, anything.ID domain registration will no longer requires any documents. It will only require registrant email verification like regular gTLD does.

    Verification email will be sent to Registrant email address where Registrant will have to click on specific link provided on the email.

  2. .ID top-level domain will adopt common gTLD verification procedure where the domain name will be suspended if registrant failed to verify the email address within 15 days after domain registration.
  3. Registrant will have to enter mobile number as additional data that will be used ONLY if additional verification is required.
  4. If you enable auto provisioning feature in your WHMCS, please update your WHMCS :
    • WHMCS v6x
      • Edit file /includes/additionaldomainfields.php
      • Remove row “$additionaldomainfields[“.id”] = hook_domainid_get_autoprovisioning(‘’);
    • WHMCS v7x
      • Edit file /resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php
      • Remove row “$additionaldomainfields [“. Id”] = hook_domainid_get_autoprovisioning (‘’);”

Baca artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia.